Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational Therapy (OT)

OT with Consumers

Occupational therapy looks at enhancing participation in everyday activities, known as occupations. These services focus on improving health, wellbeing, and participation to improve overall quality of life. Working with adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities, OT looks at encompassing mind, body, and spirit to bring holistic centered treatments to the client. Occupational therapy services are offered to consumers at The Arc of Putnam in a variety of settings.

OT with Staff

Occupational therapy is also offered to employees at The Arc of Putnam to prevent work-related injuries and to improve job performance. Occupational therapists conduct assessments and design or modify tools to improve function within the workplace. Occupational therapists also provide onsite training to ensure optimal safety for staff and consumers at The Arc of Putnam.

Pediatric OT

Coming soon!

Pediatric OT focuses on developing essential skills so a child can increase independence and learn to thrive. Pediatric OT also provides the early stepping stones to a child’s success in school, leading into adulthood, and continuing throughout their lifespan. Our program plans to collaborate with pediatricians, schools, early steps, and early childhood education centers to find children in need of pediatric services.

Once referrals are made, OT at the Arc would consist of specialized plans of care focusing on enhancing growth and learning opportunities as well as promoting advocacy for the child’s future. The Arc also aims to serve as a resource for families to utilize in the next steps to take on their journey with a child who has a disability.