spArc Sensory Summer Camp

“Part of my daughter’s goals are gaining confidence and stamina during social interactions. She grew and got better with this during her time at Sensory Camp.”

Why is sensory regulation so important?

Everything that we see, taste, hear, smell, and touch requires our bodies to register and process to be able to respond appropriately. Senses also include how we feel movement (vestibular) and body awareness (proprioception). Sometimes, an individual’s sensory system can become overwhelmed or other times it may be under-responsive. Occupational therapy tries to find the right balance of sensory input so a child can be successful in their everyday life.

Why occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy services are proven to benefit the pediatric population in a number of ways. OT improves independence in completing everyday occupations, including playing, learning, and socializing. More specifically, pediatric-focused OT is critical for a child’s cognitive, social, and physical growth throughout ongoing brain development. Occupational therapy focuses on improving fine motor skills, addressing hand-eye coordination, learning daily living skills, engaging in positive behaviors, addressing social skills, and identifying specialized equipment to aid in the success of completing everyday tasks and activities.

What can OT do to address sensory Challenges?

Sensory processing difficulties can pose challenges in everyday activities. This can effect development, learning, playing, socializing, and regulating appropriate behavior. Without being able to process sensory stimuli coming into the body, a child will have difficulty regulating everyday sensory experiences. An OT can address these challenges, specifically in the areas of motor skills, coordination, social engagement, and participation. Occupational therapists work to identify an individual’s strengths, environmental barriers, adaptive strategies, and self-awareness skills.

For more information, please contact The Arc’s Occupational Therapist, Abbey Such, at 386-325-2249 Ext 119 or

Dates for Sensory Camp 2022 are still TBD! If interested, please fill out an application for Sensory Camp 2022 following the link below: